USE Pure Water
for Everything

Pure Water


Humans need pure water daily

Nature provides-We harvest

Nature's water is not clean

Treat your own water

Bottle your own water

Save hundreds of dollars.

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Photosynthesis creates

Substances in plants feed us

We feed on plants and animals

They require clean pure water

We are co-dependent

Preserve nature's environment

Our Sun

Evaporation creates rain

Impurities are left behind

Rain hydrates our planet

Our Water Distillers purify

Safety in your own control

I used to look like an old prune

Dehydrate anything and it wrinkles

  • A Water Distiller should produce the cleanest water possible. Our Pure Water Distillers are well designed. With regular maintenance, they will serve you for many years.  You will be amazed to look at your skin in the mirror when you are hydrated. Your brain needs water.

How much pure clean water should be drunk?

Did I say "drunk?" Yes. I have known some pretty old drunks in my life. No, they were not happy. But, they kept drinking and drinking thinking that they had to be hydrated. Was that a subconscious piece of knowledge? Maybe. The facts remain that humans suffer partly from impurities and lack of pure clean water. The truth is once you start hydrating your body with enough clean pure water, you know the difference. Elderly people forget to drink and end up getting hauled off to the hospital emergency room. The staff infuses the elderly person's body with a saline water solution and the person starts to become alive and better again. We can help you get a Pure Water Distiller that makes sense for you.

Why do some people hate water?

People hate water because they think it is boring. Some people want to feel romantic and they drink wine or wild whiskey. People want energy so they drink expensive energy drinks with crazy stimulants, sugars and other ingredients you would never feed your baby or ailing friend. There are people that eat five to ten pounds of produce every day that say they do not drink any water. For most people, that is a difficult way to live. When you get used to drinking clean pure water, your palate and body will let you know they are happy. So go have a good drink of homemade water!

What should you do next?

Since 1972, I have been fully aware of what is sometimes purposely added to water. Now in 2018, people around the world are suffering from chemicals, drugs, bacteria, viruses and radiation in water that they think and hope is cleaned by the utility companies.

It is not like that. They are understaffed and it takes a lot of people and labor to make water a little better. The EPA and FDA is powerless. Corporations unfortunately dump waste into our waterways. In Florida, municipalities are dumping raw sewage and stuff into the aquifer. Who should we trust? Why does this continue? Buy plastic bottled water in the superstores? Now people claim the plastic is a problem with the environment.

How many ways can you cook a burger? A few different ways. For many people, the ingredients and toppings is what makes a great burger.

How about the water? Is there an intelligent solution to the pollution that plagues our water of today? Yes there is. 


Feed the soil of your garden

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